Cape Town South Africa

Woodstock Cape Town

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Aerial View of Cape Town

St James Beach Huts South Africa

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Wine Tasting Stellenbosch

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Rovos Rail Durban

Elephants in the bush

Bath tub at Gondwana Game Reserve

Close up shot of cheetah on safari

Big 5 in South Africa

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sunset safari blonde south africa

This year, South Africa became my home when I moved to Cape Town back in January. It was a completely new start for me, but I couldn’t help but fall in love with this amazing country.

After having Africa on my must-see list for way too many years, I finally visited Cape Town for the first time two years ago. With ultra affordable boutique hotels, delicious foodie spots, and a unique culture, it was a dream destination. The incredible beauty of South Africa, from its street art to its striking natural wonders, stole my heart.

I’ve been to more than 60 countries now, and South Africa is the one place that always leaves me wanting more.

Moving to South Africa has been a whirlwind adventure for me. I’ve had the opportunity to explore the hidden treasures of the city while creating the perfect base for traveling the rest of this vast and dynamic continent.

Whether I’m taking game drives at Gondwana Game Reserve or Kruger National Park, unwinding at chic coastal getaways in Hermanus, looking over Cape Town from the picturesque Table Mountain, riding the rails on the ultra luxe Rovos Rail Durban Safari, sipping some of the world’s greatest wine in Stellenbosch, or soaking up the sun in iconic seaside town of Durban, South Africa never disappoints.

One of the most underrated destinations on the planet, there is an adventure around every corner in South Africa.

South Africa is way more than just Cape Town though– and the country is not at all what you expect! The fascinating history, vibrant and diverse culture, and sun-soaked coasts made me feel like a few weeks or even a few months wouldn’t be enough to explore everything that this country has to offer.

When you are ready for adventure and an eye-opening, unforgettable experience, you’ve got to visit South Africa!

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