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Cádiz is a well-known beach town in Southern Spain. It’s a small city, but it is a big hub for cruise ships and other travelers. If you’re looking for a little getaway from Seville…

here are some ideas for a day trip to Cádiz from Seville!

train to cadiz spain

There are trains that run to and from Cádiz all day from different cities. I traveled there from Seville, and my train ride took about two hours.

If you’re traveling from farther away, the train between Barcelona and Cádiz takes about seven and half hours, while the train from Madrid takes about four hours. You can also fly into the Jerez Airport which is just about thirty minutes outside of Cádiz.

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ocean in cadiz

  • Tavira Tower: This is the highest point in old-town Cádiz, and it has the best 360-degree view of the city. You can head up to the top for six euros per person, and for a bit extra, you can stick around to see images from the Camera Obscura. The Camera Obsucra projects real-time images from outside the tower on a screen in a dark room inside the tower. The attendants will let you know what time the next show starts so you can grab a seat.
  • Mercado Central: In every city I travel to, I love to find the biggest local market with the best vendors. Mercado Central is full of booths with local produce, including pork, cheese, fruit, and sweets.

    You can also nibble on some hot dishes and sip on a beer at one of the tables in the center.

  • Parque Genoves: This beautiful park is perfect for a leisurely stroll or a picnic getaway from the city. Be sure to check out the botanical gardens, the cave, the lake, and the waterfall that are inside. Also keep your eyes open for all the species of birds!
  • Cádiz Cathedral: When you walk through the city, you can’t miss this iconic cathedral with its golden dome rooftop and beautiful architecture. Check out the inside of the cathedral for five euros or with a guided tour. You can also climb up the tower for another great view of the city.
  • The Beach: Cádiz has many beaches. They are all a bit different, but each one is an equally great choice for a relaxing few hours on the sand. The beaches there have actually won multiple awards for being the best in Europe.

    La Caleta Beach: Located between two old castles, this is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Cádiz.

    Santa Maria Del Mar Beach: This is a great beach for families and bodyboarding.

    La Victoria Beach: This is one of the most popular beaches (especially with the locals). It’s the closest one to shops, restaurants, and hotels.

  • casa manteca sign in cadiz

    casa manteca menu in cadiz

    Cádiz is a pretty small city, and if you choose to skip visiting the beach, you can finish up most of the best activities in a short amount of time. To fill the rest of my time in the city, I decided to design my own food tour.

    The traditional way to eat in Spain is to order tapas, which are small plates of food. Instead of ordering lots of tapas in one place, I ordered one or two plates in a bunch of different restaurants. Each of these places is within walking distance in the city. (And the walks make the perfect break in between all the indulgence!)

  • Casa Manteca: Start at this famous bar known for its traditional Spanish decor and very close quarters. You may have to elbow your way through to order, but it’s worth being a part of the bustling atmosphere. Order yourself a tinto de verano (the traditional drink of Southern Spain), and nibble on the classic tapa of cheese and ham.
  • Sopranis: Head to this trendy restaurant for a sit-down glass of wine and a diverse range of dishes. I had the salmon tartar with avocado, and it was delicious! Sitting outside on the side street is the perfect set up for people watching.
  • La Candela: You might have to look up from your Google Maps to find this hole-in–the-wall restaurant. When you do find it, you will walk into Spain’s version of boho-chic. The farm-to-table Spanish menu highlights the fresh ingredients in Cádiz. Start off with the cheese board where you get to choose from a selection (I recommend trying the truffle Gouda) and grab one more small item off the menu.
  • Balandro: When you see the ocean, you have found Balandro. This restaurant is known for its beautiful view and its fresh seafood. You can’t go wrong with any of the fish dishes or seafood pastas.
  • Dessert: A food tour is never over until you have had dessert! Cádiz is known for traditional little cookies, and there are bakeries all over the city. When you’re wandering around, pop into a bake shop to grab yourself a mix of almond cookies, chocolate-dipped shortbread, and jelly-filled pastries.

  • Cádiz shows off the best of the southern Spanish culture from the food to the religious history. Whether you are relaxing on the beach or touring the city, Cádiz makes for the perfect day trip from anywhere in Southern Spain!

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