An effective solution to acne scars, stretch marks and fine lines? Apparently, dreams do come true — this time in the form of Dermapen micro needling. When I heard about its benefits, I knew it was something that I had to explore.

Traveling hasn’t been easy on my skin, and since I’m about to turn 30, I’ve begun to focus more on preventative skin care. While it’s impossible to turn back the clock, there are so many simple treatments that you can do today to minimize and prevent signs of aging.

Looking to reinvigorate your skin’s suppleness? Here’s everything you should know about Dermapen micro needling.

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Dermapen micro needling works by stimulating your body’s natural healing response. Also referred to as medical skin needling or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), this incredible procedure results in rejuvenated skin.

During a Dermapen micro-needling session, microscopic punctures are made into your skin to get your body to produce a fresh new layer of skin. As you can guess, this simple process is incredibly effective at minimizing the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles.

Best of all, Dermapen micro needling has actually been proven to be successful. Since the late 1990s, this technique has been vetted, even by researchers, who have found the treatment to be truly effective.

While rolling needles over your skin might sound a bit crazy, it actually makes a lot of sense. Rather than relying on “miracle” creams to transform your skin with a mysterious blend of chemicals, micro needling uses your skin’s own natural collagen to minimize the appearance of fine lines and signs of aging.


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I’m as uncomfortable as the next girl with the idea of having needles in my face, so before we get into the details, let me start by saying that your skin is completely numbed before the process. It definitely eases you into the rest of the treatment!

During the treatment, 13 micro-needles are gently run across your face. The needles are 0.5 to 2 millimeters in length, and the treatments are custom designed to meet your skin’s unique needs at every square inch.

Treating deeper scarring and wrinkles requires longer needles, which is a bit more uncomfortable but definitely not bad compared to some other torturous treatments like waxing.

After the treatment, I find that my skin is sensitive and feels a bit like a bad sunburn, but I can still go back to my normal routine. With that said, there are a few things you should avoid while healing like sunlight and fragrant skincare products.

To help you heal and soothe your skin, you’ll be given a topical cream. Over the course of a few days to 1 week after the treatment, the sensitivity will fade.

The process of skin needling relies on your body’s natural collagen production, so the results appear naturally with time. Generally speaking, I can see a difference after 2-3 weeks.

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Since moving to Cape Town, I’ve invested in preventative skincare treatments. I’ve found the same treatments cost 2-3x more back home in California. You can get the same medical grade treatments in South Africa for a fraction of the price.

I go to the girls at Dr. Nerina Wilkinson SKIN Clinic. She is an incredibly talented doctor who specializes in non-surgical and surgical procedures like Dermapen micro needling, fillers and medical facials.

The SKIN Clinic has an amazing, all-female expert staff who make the process comfortable and easy. Their affordable prices make long-term treatment plans possible without breaking the bank.

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