This post was written in partnership with P&G as their newest Herbal Essences brand ambassador. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

I’ve always loved Herbal Essences and their amazing scents– that’s why I’m so excited to announce that I’m their newest brand ambassador and I’ll partnering with them on my upcoming travels!

Exploring the deserts and chlorinated swimming pools of Morocco gave me the chance to put my new bio:renew products to the test. The new Herbal Essences’ bio:renew collection is seriously impressive and has made my hair look and smell like a dream.

Combining the best of natural ingredients and cutting-edge science, the bio:renew collection is the brand’s biggest launch in forty-five years — and it’s worth the wait!

Port of Essouira

Featuring nourishing aloe, sea kelp, and antioxidants, Herbal Essences’ latest collection is free of parabens, gluten, and colorants. The line actually works in a very cool way. Every product in the collection features an antioxidant called histidine, which is able to grab onto damaging elements so that they can be rinsed away.

We ladies spend a lot of time talking about how certain styling tools, products, and even hair ties can damage our hair. But, how often do you worry about pollution effecting it?

If you are anything like me, probably not as often as you should!

Follow me to Marrakech

The great thing about the Herbal Essences’ bio:renew collection is that it can latch onto damaging pollutants; it’ll even grab onto the copper deposits left by tap water and remove them.

And of course, the scents are incredible.

With sweet smells and earthy aromas, it’s hard to pick a fave. Like with previous Herbal Essences collections, you’re able to customize your pick to your hair type so you can opt to hydrate, repair, or add volume.

Argan Oil of Morocco

There’s nothing like roaming the Sahara Desert to dry out your strands. Believe me. Fortunately, I had Herbal Essences on hand during my Moroccan adventures and it made such a difference!

From the pool to the desert, it protected my hair and kept it feeling soft and shiny.

Now that I have been to Morocco, I know why everyone is so crazy for argan oil. Found throughout the country, this oil comes from the seeds of argan trees in the Sous Valley of southwestern Morocco and is used for traditional cosmetic treatment of hair and skin.

Argan Seeds

Argan oil is high in fatty acids and vitamin E, so it’s ultra nourishing.

The Herbal Essences’ bio:renew Argan Oil of Morocco is great for making your hair shiny and silky soft.

Grinding Argan Seeds

Helpful Tip: Argan oil is actually awesome for you from head to toe. Beyond just making your locks look lush, argan will make your skin glow. If you’ve been hesitant to use oil on your skin, it’s time to get experiential.

While some oils can make you break out, argan oil isn’t one of them. Because of its molecular properties, this stuff won’t clog your pores. In fact, it’ll work with the natural oils in your skin to keep you perfectly hydrated and prevent an oily buildup.

Door in Essaouira

Stay tuned for more of my adventures around the world with Herbal Essences this year!

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