Before my recent trip to Morocco, I has some serious issues deciding what to pack. I was traveling to Morocco in March, so I knew the weather would be warm, and it was very humid, which made packing conservative clothing even trickier!

Because Morocco is a conservative and religious country, clothing is something you should be mindful of to respect the local culture and social norms. Local women dress very conservatively, but you’ll see a range of styles on the streets, especially in Marrakech.

Here’s some Morocco outfit inspiration based on my own conservative travel styles!

blonde in chefchauoan

Long Kaftan + Tan Sandals

The most comfortable outfit you can rock in Morocco is a long kaftan. The style has been worn by men and women for thousands of years. Lucky for us, they’re in fashion so there are tons of super cute options available online!

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blonde walking in morocco

Tunic with Leggings

Leggings are my go-to item to wear under just about everything. I packed a few tunics and simply styled with a pair of white or black leggings to stay comfortable and conservative on days wandering the city streets.

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blonde on couch at le riad yasmin

Black Maxi Dress + Shawl

I bring my black shawl on every trip. Shawls are so multi-functional for travel! I wear it on the plane as a wrap or over my lap as a blanket. When I am out exploring, it instantly transforms an outfit into a conservative, and cute, style. You also can’t go wrong with lots of maxi dresses in Morocco!

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Solo Female Traveler in Marrakech

White Blouse + Flowy Pants

Whether I’m exploring the markets of Marrakech or on an African safari, a sheer white blouse with undershirt is incredibly functional. Bonus: They have the ability to make you look extra “travel chic!”  I try to find blouses that are very breathable and that don’t wrinkle easily. You can pair the blouse with long flowy pants, a maxi skirt, or just about anything!

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blonde in morocco

Kimono + Leggings

I always wear a top long enough to cover my “booty” when wearing leggings. Skin-tight also doesn’t fly in religious countries (literally– we all heard about the yoga pants ban on United Airlines!) An easy fix to minimize the appearance of your curves is a flowy kimono!

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blonde in chefchaouen

Jumpsuit + Light Scarf

I actually bought this jumpsuit from a vendor in Essaouira while in Morocco! To keep my shoulders covered while exploring the town, I simply wore a light scarf over my shoulders. A little matching pair of earrings brought the whole look together. Too easy!

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Printed Midi Dress + Denim Shirt

Another one of my go-to outfits for pretty much anywhere in the world is a cute little sundress and denim shirt. I’ve worn this outfit all over Europe, back home in California, and the knee length midi dress made it conservative enough for an afternoon exploring the seaside town of Essaouira in Morocco.

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blonde with camels in sahara desert

Tunic + Headscarf

While glamping in the Sahara, I tried to stay as cool as possible by rocking all white leggings and a long, flowy tunic. The headscarf was perfect for protecting my hair from the wind! If you’re traveling to the Sahara, remember you’ll be hiking and riding camels, so be prepared!

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I took my first trip to Morocco this past March, and based on my previous trips to Jordan and other conservative countries, compiled my top tips for what to wear in Morocco as a female traveler!



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