Bali is an amazing place to get work done. It’s an incredible place to do just about anything, and that’s why I’m always looking for an excuse to get to this magical island. During my trips, for better or worse, I’ve always needed to log some serious time on my laptop.

Hosting events and working on the road as often as I do, I know how tough it can be to find the perfect working space. Finding a dream spot with just the right atmosphere, amenities, location, and size can feel like trying to track down a unicorn in the wild. So whenever I find a great spot, I have to share!

Are you a digital nomad? Will you be hosting an event? Here’s everything you need to know about the Outpost Co-Working Space in Ubud.

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This place was started by digital nomads David Abraham and Bryan Stewart who were on the quest for the “perfect productive space.” After searching the world and coming up empty handed, they started the Outpost Co-Working Space in Ubud. This place is all about creating adventure, building connections, and allowing people to design their lives on their own terms.

Today, the Outpost is Bali’s largest co-working space.


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Ubud is widely considered to be one of Indonesia’s greatest treasures. Home to top-notch restaurants, cool cafés, artisan shops, museums, and art galleries, the Balinese town has a laid-back vibe that is ultra popular among surfers and hippies from around the planet.

Ubud has a rich history and fascinating culture. It’s home to the Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Markets, Pura Taman Saraswati temple, endless rice fields, and the unforgettable Ubud Monkey Forest.

With spaces for solo workers and groups, the Outpost co-working spot in Ubud ticks all of the boxes. More than just an office, this place aims to create a vibrant, productive, and engaged community.

The Outpost is far from the dull, gray atmosphere of the cubicle world; set in a lush tropical garden, it feels more like a boutique hotel than an office.

There’s also a cafe with delicious food, healthy juices and plenty of coffee to help get you through your day.

In terms of the basics, it is a 24/7 air conditioned office space with high-speed internet and Wi-Fi. There is a range of collaboration spaces, conference rooms, Skype rooms, lockers, private offices, and team offices. And you can forget about staring at a cubicle during your coffee break; when you need to unwind, this co-working space has a swimming pool and free massages.

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Another perk of the Outpost Co-Working Space in Ubud is that the staff can get you set up with the perfect accommodation. One ideal option is the Outpost Villas. The three-bedroom, tranquil villas located on-site feature a twenty-meter pool and yoga space, which are perfect for teaming building activities (that people will actually enjoy).

Each air conditioned room in the villas offers a view of the lush jungle and features an oversized indoor/outdoor bathroom. Of course, you’ll also get a personal chef and cleaning staff so that you can focus on the important stuff, like working or just falling in love with Bali.

Outpost also works with an accommodation partner to find the best spot for you. The Bali Spirit Hotel, located beside the office, and the Loka Pala, set among the rice fields, can be awesome options for groups.

Have a vision of your space? The Outpost guys are incredible at making dreams a reality.

If you aren’t feeling the options, let them know what you have in mind, and they’ll scour Bail until they match you with the perfect fit.

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