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Ditch the stereotypes and define life on your own terms! In my journey, I’ve learned that the world is anything but black and white. How many have heard the term “dumb blonde”? It’s 2018 and it’s time to stop letting stereotypes define us. You can be a savvy business woman while wearing a bikini. You can trek the Himalayas and still wear heels out on a Friday night. It sounds cliché but you can be anything that you want to be.

It’s all about redefining labels and expectations!

blonde at the beach in puerto rico

I got involved with Herbal Essences because I love their message: let life in! Ever since I became The Blonde Abroad six years ago, I’ve been on a mission to inspire you guys to do exactly that. I know what it’s like to be so focused on what’s next on your agenda that you forget to embrace the simple joys of life. It’s too easy to miss out on the beauty and wonder of life (and travel) when you’re never really present in the moment.

Blogging Retreat in Bali with The Blonde Abroad

Traveling has transformed my life. It’s changed the way that I see the world while allowing me appreciate the simple pleasures more. And it’s made me embrace a more minimalistic beauty routine! Spending as much time as I do on social media, I know there are definitely some expectations to look flawless every day. While getting glammed up can be fun, it’s just not my first priority on the road.

My hair is normally undone, natural, and free. And that’s why I use Herbal Essences. They’re products are perfect for a jet set lifestyle that often includes many not so Instagram-ready moments.

Yellow Bikini in Malta

Having spent more than 2,000 hours on planes over the past six years, I’ve figured out the exact bare minimum that I can get by with. I live out of suitcases and 3.4-ounce bottles– and I’ve embraced the wash-and-go style!

Who’s got time to sit in front of the mirror for an hour when there’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored?

While traveling, I’ve come across so many cool beauty secrets that women have been using for generations. In Hawaii, I learned that coconut is a multi-use miracle for hair and scalp treatments. In Morocco, I discovered the all-mighty Argan Oil, that’s an all-in-one beauty secret for skin and hair.

Herbal Essences bio:renew shampoo and conditioner

With so many naturally vibrant colors and irresistible fragrances in the world, who wants artificial products? I’m love that the Herbal Essences new bio:renew collection embraces natural ingredients (without parabens, gluten, silicone, and colorants) and, best of all, they’ve created impressively potent blends. The bio:renew collection uses plants, fruits, flowers, and herbs as their inspiration and it’s a dream come true for my travel weary hair.

I’ve traveled around the world with Herbal Essences’ bio:renew collection.

Through rain, snow, and arid deserts, and the bio:renew collection shampoos and conditioners left my hair touchable and full of life.

blonde in bathtub mahali kenya

It’s liberating to have a simple hair care routine that I love and it’s played a part in learning to embrace myself, flaws and all. As The Blonde Abroad, my hair is part of my identity and it has become something that empowers me. It’s just one more way that I can break “the mold” and be more than anyone expected—which is just what I hope to inspire other women out to do.

So, girls, seek moments that make you feel more alive.



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Kiersten Rich is the bikini-obsessed author of award-winning solo female travel and lifestyle blog, The Blonde Abroad, featuring travel tips, fashion, food, festivals and photography from around the world.

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