Traveling in sunny and tropical climates means that SPF is an essential part of my beauty routine. I’ve tried a few BB creams with SPF before but it’s hard to find a product that can keep up with me.

Tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists, this BB cream with SPF 50 has been proven to stay. I’m always ready to check out the next big thing in skincare so I was excited to give Shiseido Sports BB WetForce SPF 50+, a hybrid makeup and suncare product, a shot.

On the hunt for a new BB cream? Here’s the lowdown on Shiseido Sports BB WetForce SPF 50+.

BB Cream with Sunscreen

It’s never too early to start thinking about anti-aging and your skincare routine. If you literally do nothing else for your skin, wear SPF. I know so many women my age and younger who don’t start thinking about facial care until signs of skin damage and aging start to show.

Skin cancer prevention is key.

Prevention isn’t just for long days out at the beach either. In fact, almost 80% of UV rays will still pass through onto your skin on cloudy days. That means that whatever your skin type- light, olive, or dark- OR the weather forecast, you need SPF every single day.

Shiseido Sports BB WetForce SPF 50+s

Obviously SPF is essential but it’s also kind of a hassle. You’ve got to apply it 30 minutes before you go outside and most standard SPFs need to be reapplied every two hours.

This is why multi-tasking SPF products are awesome.

Shiseido Sports BB WetForce SPF 50+ cream is a hybrid makeup and suncare product that’ll give you the coverage of BB cream with water resistant SPF protection. This means that you can get a natural looking coverage while protecting yourself from the sun.

There are two types of UV rays that can harm your skin—UVA and UVB. A broad-spectrum sunscreen, like this product, protects you from both.

The formula is water resistant, and the WetForce technology actually enhances your SPF protection level once your skin gets wet. So, once you’ve been sweating or swimming for 30 minutes, the SPF becomes more effective.

If you’re at the beach for the day or on an afternoon hike, this is a major perk.

Shiseido Sports BB WetForce SPF 50+ also features SuperVeil-UV 360 technology that’ll help gloss over any premature aging while the Amino Acid Complex replaces the nutrients that your skin loses while you’re sweating.

As far as its powers as a makeup, this stuff has contouring powder with white pearls that make you glow and it comes in three different shades: light, medium, and dark.

Of course, that doesn’t offer a high level of customization but since it’s light-coverage, it should suit a pretty wide range of skin tones.

Shiseido Sports BB SPF 50+

Whenever I look at beauty products, I always makes sure that it’s travel-friendly and Shiseido Sports BB WetForce SPF 50+ meets the mark there. It comes in a 1 oz. bottle so it’s ultra portable and TSA-friendly.

I found that the “Light” shade worked best for my skintone. Like most BB creams, application is super easy. It’s light-coverage so you can apply it like you would any moisturizer or cream.

It’s definitely worth noting, however, that light-coverage doesn’t mean it’s easy to remove. This stuff is made to stay put and protect your skin so it might be resistant to your light cleansers.

Helpful Tip: On top of facial SPF, be sure to protect your lips too! Lip balm with SPF is essential for hydration and will prevent your lips from getting small as you age.


This post was written in partnership with Shiseido. As always, thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.
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