My trip to Tokyo was full of crazy adventures you have to see to believe. I don’t always shoot videos on my trips, but I was so excited for my trip to Tokyo that I decided to shoot a daily vlog.

From the beginning to the end, here is my experience spending a week in Tokyo!

One of my best friends, Tiana, and I hopped on our Singapore Airlines business class flight to Tokyo!

We had an incredibly fun flight filled with donuts, face masks and of course, champagne. After touching down, we headed out for a local dinner and found a super fun bar nearby our AirBnB.

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Harajuku is Hello Kitty heaven! Pink, sparkles and sprinkles EVERYWHERE.

We went shopping, found ourselves slightly confused by a photo booth, and had a very colorful meal at the Kawaii Monster Cafe. It’s the ultimate neighborhood if you’re planning a trip with your girlfriends!

After switching hotels in the morning, we headed to Harajuku for some very special manicures. After 3 HOURS of painting and primping, our nails looked like works of art!

After that we headed to the wildly entertaining Robot Restaurant and out later for a long night of Karaoke.

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Our trip to Tokyo was centered around the ULTRA Musc Festival in Japan– we started our day meeting up with a very special guest, Kygo! After covering ourselves in sparkles, we headed to the festival!

After a bit of a sleep in we decided to wander the Shinjuku district and stumbled upon a hilarious shop filled with costumes, gadgets and gizmos.

We goofed off for far too long then made our way to Tokyo’s famous Golden Gai for a cocktail. Golden Gai is EVERYTHING it’s hyped up to be: quirky, cute and totally cool!

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We missed the opening of the the fish market, but had a blast exploring the massive food markets of the Tsukiji Market. I loved our experience shopping and then cooking with a local!

It was a fun way to connect with locals and experience an authentic meal. Our night ended in Akihabara where arcade games rule supreme!

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Don’t miss my favorite Tokyo-inspired styles!

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