Every traveler needs a community. Stepping out the door into the wild unknown can be a daunting task, and planning such a trip can be overwhelming without the proper know-how.

Where do I book the best flights? How do I find the best travel insurance? What shots do I need? Where do I stay? How much of the language do I need to learn before I go? How much should I budget? Will I make friends? Will I be safe? What’s the best way to get money?

These questions — and a million others — all bubble to the surface when planning a trip, and it can be a challenge to address them all without help. While I have been incredibly lucky that my family and friends help and support my love of travel, not everyone has those same support systems. Not everyone has a community they can rely on when planning a trip.

Years ago, I launched the community forums as a place where travelers could interact, chat, get to know community members, and ask the little questions that didn’t always lend themselves to long blog posts. It provided another way to get your travel questions answered. Fast forward to now and we have over 7,000 members and do regular contests, member features, polls, and have a book club.

But I’ve always wanted to do even more than that. I’ve been wanting an in-person community. As incredible as a virtual community is, people are still social animals. And the truth is that the Internet will never replace the benefits of human interaction.

I’ve always been inspired by my friend Scott’s LYL worldwide community meet-ups and wanted to create something similar — but with a practical twist. I wanted to create an in-person community and planning event where people could meet future travel partners and community members, as well as learn practical advice, pick up resources, and take action right away!

Enter The Nomadic Network.

What is The Nomadic Network?

travel friends hanging out at a restaurant
The Nomadic Network will be a global community of travel enthusiasts who support and inspire one another to travel better, cheaper, and longer. Whether it’s a short jaunt to a nearby city or an indefinite round-the-world trip, The Nomadic Network is here to help the world travel — one nomad at a time.

Starting in March, I will be road-tripping around the USA, organizing events with Chris (this site’s community manager) where we’ll meet up with you and talk about ways to plan your trip. Part workshop, part socializing, we want to bring travelers together to show how easy it is to make your travel dreams a reality. The goal here is to not only give you advice but also help you meet other like-minded people in your area, so you can have a support network of people to push you when you feel unsure of yourself!

Our first series of events begin in March in the following cities:

These events are FREE and will run for two hours (or longer if you stay around), feature a presentation, Q&A, and social happy hour!

While we are starting with just a few cities, after we do this and get feedback, Chris and I will do another trip around the US and then Canada. Eventually, Chris will run the whole show and we’ll have local chapter leaders and events all around the globe! I want to empower the community and it take it to the next level – offline and in the world where it belongs!

But one step at a time right!

I am really looking forward to this new initiative. Travel isn’t just some fun and exciting series of adventures (though it often is that!). It is a tool for personal growth, a way to learn about yourself and the world we live in. And, most importantly, it’s a way to connect with people from around the world and understand other cultures. Travel bridges gaps. And, in a world that’s so divided, I think a little connection goes a long way.

Naturally, you don’t need to be a full-time nomadic backpacker to benefit from this community or these meetups. This is a community for anyone who wants to (and loves to) travel. So whether you are a weekend flashpacker, looking to plan your honeymoon, or are a globetrotting vagabond, come to one of these events! I’ll be offering practical advice no matter your travel style!

Looking forward to seeing you!


Nomadic Matt

P.S. – I’m not married to The Nomadic Network name so if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears!

P.P.S. – BIG NEWS! This year I’m also relaunching the Nomadic Matt group tours. You can come travel around with me and other community members! I’ll be doing four this year. You can find out more about them and sign up by clicking here

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