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How many times have you blown a fuse trying to style your hair in a hotel? As a girl on the go, I’ve been trying for years to find the best way to style my hair when I’m traveling. Sadly, sometimes the hotel blow dryer and a brush just aren’t enough.

I’d love to bring my hair tools on the road, but there’s never been a converter that can handle them… until now.

I love sharing new travel essentials, and that’s why I’m excited to share the TRAVEL SMART® BY CONAIR Convert-It-All Converter because it’s the only converter in the world that can work with my high-end styling tools outside of the US!

Hair Appliances Converter Adapters

The first converter to be able handle a high-end hair straightener, the Convert-It-All Converter, with its worldwide adapter set, can handle almost any electronic device, and will power you up in more than 150 countries around the world.

The Convert-It-All Converter is an incredibly straightforward product that does as advertised, which is always a good thing!

Simply pack whatever electronics you need, and plug them in. This converter works pretty much anywhere you’ll ever want to go, and it powers most of the essentials– straighteners, curling irons, blow dryers, shavers, and more.

Just plug the converter into a wall outlet, and plug your appliance into the converter. There’s a LOW/ MID/ HI switch, and you’ll need to select your wattage. The majority of electronics have a label near the plug that lists their wattage.

If the label on your appliance is worn off or hard to read, you can generally assume that shavers are low wattage, straighteners and curlers are mid, and hair dryers are high.

Using the Convert-it-all Converter

The CONAIR Convert-It-All Converter works with electronics from the United States that are rated up to 1875 watts. When you plug your US appliances into foreign sockets, it’ll adjust the power level.

It’s important to understand that US appliances are made for 120 volt outlets while the majority of sockets around the world will give you double that—the perfect recipe for frying gadgets!

This is why it’s important to have a good quality converter.

Testing out the Convert-it-all Converter

The Convert-It-All Converter is super travel friendly. With a travel pouch included and plugs that’ll work across seven continents, this thing really is a girl’s BFF.

When you are traveling with gadgets, you’ll want to be aware of the difference between adapters and converters. Adapters don’t change the voltage– they will simple change the shape of the plug so that it fits into a different outlet.

Converters, on the other hand, can change the actual amount of voltage coming to the appliance.

Converter for my curling iron

Before you plug in any American products, you should know if they are designed to take 120V (single voltage) or if they can accept 220V (dual voltage).

When it comes to laptops, cameras, and phones, the majority are dual voltage and only need an adapter. Styling tools are mostly single voltage and always need a converter.

Check the voltage rating on your device or go to the product instructions so you know what adapter is best for your device, or just use a converter set to play it safe!

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