Las Bachas Beach

Flamingo at Las Bachas

Iguana on Las Bachas

Galapagos Iguana

Galapagos Seashells

MV Origin

Bright red crab

Frigates flying

Las Bachas is the perfect spot for a morning walk along the shore– if you’re lucky, you’ll find flamingos in the lagoons and Sally Lightfoot crabs scampering all over the rocky tide.

Located on the northern coast of Santa Cruz Island, this quiet little beach is the perfect spot to unwind. It got its name during World War II when the American army abandoned its barges. Two of those barges found their way to the shore of the Galápagos. The locals couldn’t quite wrap their heads around the word “barge” and called them “bacha” instead.

Ever since then, the beach has been famous for those two old bachas.

Wildlife in the Galapagos

Wildlife at Las Bachas Beach

This pristine white-sand beach is known for its incredible wildlife. Home to flamingos, Sally Lightfoot crabs, and countless birds, this is a nature lover’s paradise. It is also one of the top sea turtle nesting sites on Santa Cruz Island.

The waves are gentle here, so you can go snorkeling. You might spot some turtles or fish along the rocky spots, but it’s not the best place to see them. The area is really sandy so the water can be cloudy.

Cruising in the Galapagos

Packing Tips

Like many places around the Galápagos Islands, this place is all about nature, so you won’t find any facilities on this beach. Bring sunscreen, water, and anything else you might want.

It’s also a good idea to wear water shoes if you want to go exploring because there are a few spots with sharp rock.

Ceviche in the Galapagos

Next Destination: Dragon Hill

After checking out the beach, we headed back to the boat for lunch. After taking a break on the sundeck while the boat was refueled, we sailed away to our next destination (and one of my fave spots in the Galápagos), Dragon Hill!


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